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一站式的娱乐, One Stop F&B and Entertainment Complex


‘So far, there is nothing but praise for the team. Nata was mentioned several times for Hospitality Food and service also had high ratings of 4.8 Thank you for making your evening memorable.’

(Anne, SAC Year of ’91 Reminiscing Youth Dinner, 19/11/22)


‘Hi Dominic, yes, I did get a copy of the receipt as well. Thanks! And I also like to thank you for making it a wonderful experience for all of us. The place was well decorated with festive cheery feel and the tables set up with a touch of class. A good variety of food and of good standard. All the arcade games were also switched on which added another element of fun. All my colleagues went “wow” when they entered the room, something very different from what we had experienced previously, thank you!’

(Dominique, Chevron-GSAT Year End Luncheon, 29/11/22)


‘Can't thank you enough for last Friday night, Dominic. The team had a great time. ’

(Queenie, GSK-Haleon Year-End Party, 9/12/22)


‘Hi Dominic, thank you for your service too. My colleagues had fun and they enjoyed the food and venue’.

(Irene, Beckton Dickinson Year-End Company Dinner, 16/12/22)


‘Hi Dominic, firstly, we would like to give a big thank you to you, Cris and Nicholas (I believe that’s his name) for being such wonderful hosts for our event. Everyone definitely and evidently had a really, really good time Secondly on feedback, generally from everyone, everything was perfect. From food to the drinks, to the karaoke and music. I think one observation I would make is I think the fruit punch dispenser had some issues as it was very slow but no issues. Everyone gave 10/10. Lastly, shall we meet up soon to follow up on how we at Matrix MMA could do or serve for Black Fairy or SAFRA. Let’s run through what are the needs and expectations for a program for whichever specific group of target audience.’

(Issak, Matrix MMA, Year-End Members Engagement Nite, 17/12/22)


‘Hi Dom! Overall, the event was a great success, and my members were all happy and had a really great time. They mentioned the food tasted great, but yes in general the arcade machines were not the best experience. One of my members did mention your sales numbers could be much better if your staff had been more prompt or even aggressive when ordering drinks. Also, the lack of always having a staff around ready to take drink orders could have helped your revenue and provide more prompt attention members might have needed.’

(Wen Siong, BFT Kent Ridge, Year-End Members Party, 17/12/22)


Thank you for everything, Dom. We had a blast! Everyone enjoyed

(Jennifer Soh, A Lunar New Year Family Dinner, 14/1/23)


Hi Dominic, just a note to thank you for letting us L6 for our charity Zumba. We had a blast, and everyone was impressed with the venue, sound system, convenience, hospitality by you and your team. Dinner venue was just as fantastic. Thank u from all of us at Pink Paddlers. We noticed you and your team have also take quite a few photos and videos. I am setting up a telegram group chat as some of the members would like to share these pic and videos. May I add u?

(Katherine, Pink Paddlers Dance for a Cause & Farewell Dinner, 14/1/23)


Hey Dominic! Thank You so much to you and your team for your wonderful service and attentiveness. We had a blast, and everyone said the food’s really good!

(Evelyn, Pink Paddlers Dance for a Cause & Farewell Dinner, 14/1/23)


My husband and I had an amazing Valentine's Day dinner at the Black Fairy Eden Space. The atmosphere was very romantic, with soft lighting and tasteful decorations. The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating, and our server was particularly attentive throughout the meal. The food was bursting with flavours and had a wonderful texture. The dining experience was top-notch. The food was exceptional, the service was outstanding, and the ambiance was perfect for a romantic evening. Highly recommend!

(Lynn & Joseph, Valentine’s – Love & Laughter 14/2/23)


It was truly a memorable evening for Daphne and me. Not the usual dates we have. The karaoke was fun! The live band is great as well! food was also delicious. Will definitely look forward to other events organized.

(Darius & Daphne, Valentine’s – Love & Laughter 14/2/23)


Thank you for the Valentine's event, we have wonderful memories of the special day for us.

(Shi Vay & Beng Han, Valentine’s – Love & Laughter 14/2/23)


I commend you and your staff’s excellent hospitality, food is amazing, ambience/deco is great!

(Thomas & Jing Qi, Valentine’s – Love & Laughter 14/2/23)


Thank u for the seating arrangement. I must say the service of your team was good. The food portion was very generous! I must say the lamb mints sauce was very good. Maybe we love to drink so for us we hope to have a wider range of cocktails and beers selection. We love live bands too but was too short for the event. (That's our preference only.) The laughter show was a good one, but I think we were too shy for that when questioning came to us. Sorry we didn't stay for the karaoke cos Fav planned for something else. Thank u for giving us a nice dinner.

(Grace & Favian, Valentine’s – Love & Laughter 14/2/23)


Dominic is a very creative and patient event director! My wife and I felt super blessed for getting Dom as our little ROM planner. We were a little bit late to reach out, with only about a month to think and plan, but he calmly handled our event professionally so that we can rest our mind. Thanks again for giving us such a good memory. Event atmosphere The setup is really beyond our expectation. A lot of little things make sure the dinner getting good vibes. Good music, create good ambience. Food and beverage Food was solid 8 out of 10. Maybe the aircon was too cold, the food gets cold easily. Other than that, we do enjoy our dinner. Especially those barbecue food is something that we will return for. The sushi rice is a bit soggy, but the fish is nice! Service Remarkable service! From the start till the end of the event. The crew guide us throughout, always ready for any request. Summary We discovered this shop accidentally. Thanks to Dom and his team get the place and food ready. They are professionals, we did not have to worry about the event.

(Leena & Daniel, ROM-Solemnization 24/2/23)


Thanks Dom. Everything is great! Perhaps just one feedback on Karaoke machine that to download the songs took v long hence several guests couldn't sing their songs. Otherwise, perfect! Thanks so much, was very enjoyable and great service too!

(Wen Quan – Birthday Celebration 23/2/23)


‘Hello Mr Dom, thank you for the informative, practical, and hands-on session. The students find it very useful as it opened their eyes to the F&B industry. Thank you to you and your team for service generosity.’

(Mr Yang Yin Leong, Teacher of Loyang View Secondary School, 3/3/23)


‘Yes, thank you Mr Dominic and team. Definitely an enriching experience for both the students and the teachers. Appreciate the time taken to share with the students. ’

(Mdm. Zubaidah, Teacher of Loyang View Secondary School, 3/3/23)


‘Thank you very much for customizing a programme that matched our objectives and engaged our students to think deeper about pursuing a career in the F&B sector. Our students returned with big smiles and remarked how fulfilling the experience was. One student also shared how everyone came together to sing a birthday song for one of them celebrating her birthday today. These little things mean much to our students. Thank you for going the extra mile for them, to excite and inspire them. This will leave a lasting impression on them and will certainly motivate them to work harder towards realizing their passions.’

(Miss Premlatha, HOD of Loyang View Secondary School, 3/3/23)


‘Dear Kennie and Dominic, once again, on behalf of Loyang View, I would like to express my immense gratitude and appreciation for the time and effort put in to host our students. They not only enjoyed the experience but learnt so much about the F&B industry. Once again, a very big thank you! We hope that we can send students there to learn from you again in the future. ’

(Eugene, Principal of Loyang View Secondary School, 3/3/23)


It is an honour to be part of the judges panel for The Vox Singing Competition. I'm overwhelmed to discover so many hidden talents through this competition. The Vox brought the singing scene to a higher level! Looking forward to season 2!

(Shirlene, Voice Coach & Judge, 11/5/23)


I had the privilege to utilize Fairy Group's services. I was impressed by their teamwork, thoughtful care, and authentic service mindset. Especially, I appreciated Dominic's leadership. Before I even asked him, he had already prepared in advance and provided me with a detailed report. He possessed excellent communication skills, and during our negotiations regarding work scope and budget, he made effort to understand my situation. As it was my first time using overseas remote services, I was initially concerned about the company's credibility and the speed of their work process. However, Dominic's responses were very active and demonstrated great responsibility. During the MOU signing ceremony, I was extremely satisfied with his delicate care and attention to detail in the service provided. I highly recommend using their services, and whenever I hold events, Dominic from Fairy Group Ventures is my go-to person! Thank you for hosting us yesterday. You are my role model, seriously. It was double pleasure meeting you. Have a great day!

(Leisha, BigGang Angels Inc, 13/6/23)


Hi Dominc, thanks for last Thursday event. All our members and guests enjoyed it a lot. It was really successful, and we couldn't do it without the support of you and your team. Thank you very much!

(Irene, BNI, 11/7/23)


I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mr Dominic for creating our Wedding Party and Solemnization which is way beyond our expectations. Everyone including my wife and I love the decorations and all. Dominic is a really good-hearted person, and we can see the passion with his job and he will put 100% dedication on his work. Of course, I would also like to thank his team (Stephen & Nicholas) for their help, especially Stephen who helped me a lot on that day. I wish you and your team all the best! Will come back and look for you when I have another event that needs you. 🙂Once again, my wife and I truly thank you from our bottom of our heart for making it happen for us.

(Christopher & Buena, 22/7/23)


Morning Dominic, thanks for everything. It was a great night for me.

(Matthew Gan, Star Artiste for True Love Mini Concert 12/8/23)


Thank you very much Dominic, Good Job! Please extend our appreciation to your team.

(Lawrence, Guest Artiste for True Love Mini Concert 12/8/23)

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